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The Best Floor Lamps In 2021

The Best Floor Lamps In 2021

Floor lamps can be found in numerous households, whether as a furnishing item or as a simple light source. They look chic, provide pleasant light for watching TV or reading. Often, they are simply put for the ambience or as decoration.

Buying the right floor lamp is sometimes a real challenge: The selection is large and there are many decision criteria to consider. With our floor lamp selection we would like to help you to find the perfect floor lamp for your home.


Overview of Floor Lamps

By definition, the floor lamp is nothing more than a light fixture that consists of a base, with a tall stand and a lampshade.

A beautiful floor lamp not only brightens up a room, but it also provides it with a suitable ambiance and a pleasant atmosphere. With the right floor lamp, rooms can be suitably illuminated for work or for a relaxing read. Depending on your taste, you can find many different designs, sizes, models and colors.

More modern floor lamps can be dimmed quite easily and thus create different moods. In addition, dimming down the lamp reduces energy consumption.


Best Floor Lamps

Cosmopolitan Floor Lamp


The Cosmopolitan Floor Lamp is a unique time piece spreading light through its 9 beautiful light bulbs. It comes with either white or warm light. With a diameter of 250mm it fits either next to your couch or standalone, too. Elegant with its golden color, the Cosmopolitan Floor Lamp is the perfect addition for every lifestyle lover.

  • Light: LED Bulbs (included)
  • Voltage: 90-260V
  • Wattage: 16-20W
  • Body Material: Sturdy brass
  • Finish: Nickel gold-plated body
  • Floor lamp size: Diameter - 25cm, Height - 164cm


Tranquil Floor Lamp


A piece like no other, the Tranquil Floor Lamp is a perfect accessory to compliment any room setting. It's unique design is both modern & sleek, and will be a standout addition to your home. It's sure to be an eye pleaser that will capture the imagination of anyone who sees it.

  • Light: E27 light bulb (included)
  • Voltage: 90-260V
  • Wattage: 6-10W
  • Body Material: Metal
  • Floor lamp size: Medium - 37 x 75cm, Large - 45 x 140cm


Fiona Floor Lamp


Modern and highly adaptable, the Fiona Floor Lamp features the ability to switch between 4 different color flash modes: blue, green, red and white. The LED light is chargeable by a USB cable and allows the battery to last up to 12 hours. The Fiona Floor Lamp is therefore suitable for various functions inside and outside the house and even floats in the pool.

  • Available sizes: Diameter 15cm, Diameter 20cm, Diameter 30cm, Diameter 40cm, Diameter 50cm
  • Waterproof: Yes, suitable for outdoor, garden, swimming pool floating use
  • Primary Material: PVC
  • Watts: 6-10W
  • Voltage: AC100-240V


How To Choose The Right Floor Lamp

We would like to show you how to compare and evaluate the different floor lamps. We hope that this will make it easier to find the right floor lamp for you!

In summary, these are:

  • Floor lamp type
  • Material / Size
  • Energy efficiency class / power consumption
  • Dimmability
  • Max wattage

In the following, we will explain to you what is important:


Floor Lamp Type

There are three types of floor lamps: classic floor lamps, arc lamps and uplighters. The difference are not only in their shape but also in their function.

Classic floor lamps have a base, a long, straight frame and a shade, for example, made of fabric, metal or glass. They create beautiful islands of light and are used to add a nice enriching element to the room. Many hotels use this type of floor lamp to create inviting areas. It works at home, too!

Arched lamps are distinguished mainly by the curved frame. The base is placed under the sofa, the frame wraps around the backrest and the light comes from above. Very comfortable for reading.

With uplighters, the light falls not to the side and down, but up to the ceiling. With a dark ceiling, not much happens in the process. But with a bright ceiling, the light is reflected and gently spreads into the room...yet it is not pleasant enough for reading. Therefore, most uplighter have an additional light sourcebuilt in: a reading lamp on a flexible reading arm. This offers a lot of comfort!


Material / Size

Floor lamps are usually selected to match the interior: Personal preferences play a major role in the selection and there are no limits to this choice.

When choosing the material of the new floor lamp, there are some differences. Often cheap floor lamps are made of plastic. Expensive floor lamps, on the other hand, are made of brass, nickel or metal and are more durable.

But beware: not only the material of the lamp is important, but also the material of the floor lamp shades. Simple floor lamps have lampshades made of paper or fabric. These lampshades are additionally available in various shades. For uplighters, frosted glass is often used instead.

Different models of manufacturers also have different sizes. Most often, the floor lamps are 1.6 m high, but there are also some with only one meter in height. Here you have to decide for yourself which height is the most suitable. The size of the floor lamp also depends on the space available.


Energy Efficiency Class / Power Consumption

More and more the trend goes to energy saving lamps. That is why nowadays almost every floor lamp is marked with an energy efficiency class. As with other electrical appliances, A++ is considered very energy efficient, while C indicates higher energy consumption.

It's best not to use incandescent bulbs with your floor lamp! They consume a lot of electricity. LED lamps, on the other hand, provide a cozy light and use 90% less energy! If you have a floor lamp with sockets, replace the old bulbs with LED bulbs.



The dimming function can not only save electricity costs, but provides different lighting depending on the time of day.

For customers who prefer adjustable light intensity as well as controllable energy consumption, the dimmable version of the floor lamp offers the perfect solution.

Even many LED floor lamps are nowadays equipped with permanently installed dimmers!


Max Wattage

The wattage determines how much energy the lamp produces in the active state. Normally, the wattage ranges from 40 to 120 watts. In principle, the bulb wattage must not be greater than the wattage of the lamp.

To determine the maximum wattage of the bulb, you must consider how many watts the floor lamp can actually handle. You must not exceed the maximum wattage specified by the manufacturer, otherwise there is a risk of fire.

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